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  • With all the gaming buttons equal to conventional game consoles.
  • Where the buttons do not cancel each other out.
  • Where the gaming buttons are programmed as native gamepad controller buttons.
  • With Diagonal movement where the D-pad is used (e.g. Up and right arrow pressed together will have a right up diagonal movement).
  • Where the joysticks are working separately and independently from the D-pad (arrow keys and the X/Y/A/B buttons).
  • Where the game buttons are natively supported in many games.
  • Where the joysticks are true analog joysticks.
  • With Bluetooth support.
  • With intuitive and correct working Virtual Key Mapping (VKM*) for those games that are designed for touch screen controls only.
  • With microphone function in the headphone jack ensuring crystal clear communication with a.o. among other Skype and online gaming.
  • With Easy to assign VKM* ad easy to play.
  • Easy VKM* software to map any of the physical keys within seconds.
  • With multi controller and player support.
  • VKM* will automatically store and remember your settings the next time you start a game.
  • With long playtime of up to 6 hours on a battery charge.

* Virtual Key Mapping

Supporting 100% of the games with the gaming buttons

  • Swipe Games
  • Soft Button Games
  • Joystick Games
  • Emulator Games
  • Motion Games

Physical gaming buttons and connections

Map physical buttons to soft buttons

Support Smartphone headphones with microphone
for smooth online conversation and online gaming

HDMI Display

Highlighted Features

Map the joysticks with the soft buttons to play the game with the physical joysticks

Map a joystick for swipe movement

Map any desired gaming button to the soft buttons to play the game with physical device buttons


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